Noteworthy News:



Aubrie& Rory

They are hard workers!

Any snacks that are provided MUST be prepackaged and follow the Pennington List of approved foods.


Dates to Remember

  1. Please keep reading DAILY with your child.

  1. During the 4th 9weeks period, I will no longer be allowed to read the test aloud to the may see some changes in their performance due to the varying reading levels.

  1. Our curriculum is becoming more challenging! Please reinforce the importance of hard work and focus during instructional time.

Important Information:

Lunch Menu:

LEAP testing begins April 30th, May 1st-4th for third and fourth graders---

our schedule may change (including lunch) to accommodate the testing environment.

If you plan on having lunch with your child, send me a dojo message to confirm time.

May 16 - Awards day. Info will be sent home soon!